Wordle Today And Why Are People So Attracted To It?

Background about Wordle Today

This officially launched in October 2024. However, after its launch, it could not gain much popularity. After its first birthday on June 19th, 2024 it started gaining popularity as well as users. At the end of 2024 Wordle, Today had already hit the charts and then went viral in January. In January it was like a new baby game was born as it started gaining too much attention.

Wordle Today proved so successful in improving vocabulary that The New York Times started announcing prizes in seven figures for solving worlds. Wordle is now officially a part of the NYT (New York Times) Games. Wordle’s creator Josh Wardle has promised its users that the game will remain free. Soon after Josh released the game, the New York Times took over the game.

Wordle Today’s Game Tactics

This considered to be a very simple game. The challenge is to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. Every time the user guesses a character, the user told if their chosen letter is in the right place or is in the target word. If the letter is in its correct place it turns green. make sure it is not in the wrong place as it turns yellow.

If the letter isn’t in the word at all it turns gray. Wordle Today only releases one puzzle a day. Each user represents with the same challenge. The challenge resets after every 24 hours or midnight. Some users complain that after the NYT takeover the game has become difficult. However, in reality, it has not and the difficulty remains the same.

Today’s Wordle’s Hints

Wordle Today’s challenge is noticed to be pretty similar to yesterday’s one. This note made in terms of difficulty. However, mostly it sends a different kind of challenge when compared to the previous challenge. This New York Times’s tool called WordleBot tool. This tool mentions statistics about the average guesses taken by people. Today’s wordle is said to have a mean average of 4.3 guesses. 4.3 guesses are said to be that the challenge is on the difficult side. 4.3 guesses also mean that most users will take 2 to 3 guesses today.

Some people are so passionate about this game that they say they have played every wordle too far and lost only once. Users have also made Wordle a business by selling tips and tricks about challenges. Users buy these tips due to being so fond of the game. Some tips include; Word contains two vowels, no repetition of letters, and ends with a common ending letter. For those unaware, vowels are a, e, i, o, and u.

Why are people so attracted to Wordle?

Wordle Today has proved to be pretty addictive for the majority of users. Wordle is very similar to word games available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. However, users appreciate the refreshing and challenging vibe given off by Wordle. One of the reasons is there are no repeated advertisement banners nor are there any expensive in-app purchases. Wordle is a lot different than the normal word guessing games.

The creators don’t want you wasting time by spending money on the game or making you play for hours. They do this by eliminating any retries and by only giving a challenge per day. Wordle doesn’t even send you pop-up notifications for a reminder of a new challenge. If the user fails to guess the word they get a retry after 24 hours. This shows how refreshing It is. Currently, the trend of binging over things like Netflix shows has been very popular but Wordle isn’t like that. It doesn’t let you do more than one wordle a day or retry a wordle.

Wordle game fresh the user

This makes the game fresh every time the user plays them. Although a puzzle a day takes up very little time for a user, it makes the user fresh. However, some users worried that the New York Times takeover will result in changes in the government. The changes may result in getting rid of that refreshing feeling of the game. However, until now those fears have not become true and the game remains as it is.

Correct words

Then they can attempt that wordle correctly by entering the correct word. Users can then also send the correct word to their friends trying to cheat them as well. A user can also cheat the game by searching the latest answers on google and then attempting it. However, a user should not do so as it interferes with the average mean guess score. It also gets rid of that challenging and refreshing vibe of the game for others. This is because the factor of jealousy comes into play between friends.


Users can also cheat at Wordle Today however they should intend not to do. Users would only cheat to remain their mean guess score and show it off on social media to impress their friends. A user can easily cheat by opening incognito mode on their respective browser. Then the user can try the wordle as many times as they want. After getting the word right they can easily complete it in their original window where their profile is signed in.

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