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Competition of Boden News

Boden News is in direct competition with BBC News. BBC news is a famous international business union. BBC News lies in the hands of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Like Boden, BBC News is based on the English language. This is because Boden is also a United Kingdom-based platform. Hence, their newspaper site is also totally based in English. Unlike BBC News, Boden’s website also releases special discount breaker offers and coupons. Most of these coupons are exclusive to the website’s users. This is because Boden wants its users to gain some economic benefits by using its website. Its website also has a separate fitness and health section to motivate its users toward a healthy life.

Fitness on Boden News

Boden has a separate section for articles related to fitness. These articles mainly written by health professionals, gym trainers, and even professional doctors. These writers are motivated to convince the whole human race toward a healthy lifestyle. However, users also have the option to publish their articles. Their articles can be based on any type of topic whether it be fitness, technology, etc. However, their article must not mention or relate to any previous controversies. This is because the platform does not contain controversies or conspiracies.

Content Filtering on Boden

All Articles that are published by users go through a verification process. This verification process is done by a team of reviewers hired by Boden News. This team is working 24/7 to provide users with a smooth experience. This is done so users can publish their handwritten articles anytime. Boden’s motive is that everybody’s hard work matters hence it should not go in vain. When an article is published on the website. It goes through 4 checkpoints so that nothing gets missed out. All 4 checkpoints have their strict terms and conditions which the article should meet. If not met, a writer from Boden makes the corrections and is sent back to the author. The author is given two options whether to accept the recommended corrections or make their corrections. However, most authors accept the recommended corrections. This is because writers at Boden have devoted their lives to writing.

Tips and tricks to make your everyday lifestyle better

Boden news has their own office in the UK. They are a British-based firm. This firm is based on British employees. Hence, most of their content is in British grammar. This because the United Kingdom’s English is a little different from the United States’ English. Hence, their content type is also mostly based on the UK Environment. Besides this, there is a lot of lifestyle content available on the website as well. These mostly contain tips and tricks to make your everyday lifestyle better. They recommend a smoking alternative as well. Most articles contain the disadvantages of drugs like Ice, drops, and even nicotine. However, to avoid getting involved in any conspiracies Boden also has a medical license. Their articles also contain medical alternatives to drugs.

Medical Aid on the website

Boden news also focused on how an illiterate can give medical aid. This is mostly to educate people about medical aid. Medical aid includes tricks like CPR, pumping air into the lungs, etc. These ery essential and significant medical tricks any human being should be aware of. There are a lot of tips available on  Boden news on how to console another human being. This is because someone’s brain chemistry is not easy to understand for a normal person.

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