Movieorca is a Pirated Platform and The New Future

Easy to navigate user interface with movieorca

Movieorca website makes use of very easy to navigate user interface. The user interface’s theme is totally based on black and white. Background of the website colored mamba black whereas other elements are white. There is a lot of emphasis on typography as well. A user mostly directed to read text of greater font size first and then the smaller font size. This shows the emphasis on typography. Users can easily navigate through the website by making use of their mouse cursor. There are different pages listed for each type of content.

Content Categorization on movieorca

The content on the website categorized into mainly pages. There pages for genres and every movie which are categorized by country. There are mainly two types of content available on the website. One which mainly consists of movies and the other mainly consists of Television Shows. There is a separate page for top rated films only. These top rated films ranked based upon the data on IMDB. IMDB is an online platform where the user can rate their watched movies. IMDB has ratings available for both types of content whether it be Movies or Television Shows.

Accessibility of this amazing website

Besides movieorca website they have also launched an Android application. This Android application has the same interface as the website. This mainly done to provide a similar watching and browsing experience and their android application’s APK file can easily downloaded through their website. By launching a android application they have increased the accessibility of their platform by a huge portion. Users can now easily download and watch their favorite content on the go.

The user can also download content for watching it offline or while traveling on movieorca. Users can also log in with their accounts to get their preferences or previous searches back. However, this application is unavailable to download on the Google Play store or on the Apple Store. This is mainly because of the strict policies of both platforms. Google recently introduced Play Protect which prevents users from installing pirated applications. Even If the user bypasses security Google constantly alerts the user about the threats of this application.

Privacy Concerns Regarding this platform

As movieorca a purely pirated platform and users usually have some concerns regarding their security. The users normally worried about leakage of their data. This is because like any other website this website is also free. These free websites also need a way to earn their revenue. Many websites earn revenue by selling user’s data to third party companies.

However, this is very concerned about their user’s data. Their website is totally free with no hidden charges nor any subscription charges. The website totally funded by the owner and this makes it totally free to use. Their company guarantees the user about no leakage of data.

Most famous entertainment platforms

Their website now well known as one of the most famous entertainment platforms. This is mainly because users can watch unlimited content on the website. That too totally free of cost. The website is certified with a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. Websites which use SSL encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Movieorca shows the protection the user provides to the user.

These are one of the many reasons their platform is so well-known. They are the only ones in the industry which provide all content free of cost. Many Movies uploaded on the website within an hour of their release and this shows how active the administrative team are. Users can also contact the support team in case they are encountering any difficulties or problems. Other content developers can also contact their team in case of any special requests. These special requests include removing any copied content. This comes under copyright laws and copyright laws meant to fulfilled.

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