What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth and its Conspiracies

Why do Nigersaurus have so many teeth?

If anybody questions what dinosaur has 500 teeth? The answer should be straight-up Nigersaurus. The name Nigersaurus is based on the Republic of Niger. Nigersaurus contains a very sensitive skull. The mouth of his species is extremely wide. Being wide mouths, these dinosaurs have huge amounts of teeth.

That too is up to 500 teeth in a single mouth. There is a special reason for this many teeth. This is because Nigersaurus are adapted for mainly browsing plants on the ground. A normal dinosaur has around 60 to 100 teeth compared to the Nigersaurus which has 500 teeth and an extremely wide mouth.

Teeth Formation of the dinosaur which has 500 teeth

The Nigersaurus has its muzzle filled with fixed 500 teeth. In Case its teeth break while a fight etc. the teeth redeveloped at a rapid rate. Their teeth develop around every 14 days. Jaws of the nigersaurus predicted to be based on the keratinous sheath. The upper jaws have 60 columns of small teeth. On the lower jaws, the Nigersaurus has more than 68 columns of teeth. The teeth of the upper jaws are pretty small. Whereas, the teeth on the lower jaws known as banana-shaped. The answer to the question “What dinosaur has 500 teeth?” remains consistent which known to be nigersaurus.

Conspiracies behind dinosaur has 500 teeth

Someone on Reddit asked, “What dinosaur has 500 teeth”. Someone responded to Nigersaurus. Since then a conspiracy had developed about the reporter saying the N-Word. Since we aware that saying the N-Word very controversial in the USA (United States of America). This is mainly because of the racism that has been developing. A Reddit user also posted “Whatever you do, don’t google it. The name of this dinosaur is Nigersaurus. People tend to understand it as more of a racial slur. However, the dinosaur’s name Nigersaurus is a reference to its birthplace. The Nigersaurus was first discovered in the Republic of Niger. Which Is why it named after its birthplace.

Science Behind “What Dinosaur has 500 teeth”

The name Nigersaurus means Niger Reptile. As we are aware dinosaurs are sub-species of reptiles. Whereas, the first name Niger means taqueti which kept to honor Phillippe Taquet. Philippe was the first one who found the remains of Nigersaurus in 1976. Since then the conspiracy of “What dinosaur has 500 teeth” had developed. The remains of his teeth were first discovered in Elrhaz Formation. The remains were lying in an area called Gadoufaua. The exact pinpoint location known to be titled Niger.

Life of the Nigersaurus and its existence

The Nigersaurus has currently become extinct. However, its remains are still present in some famous museums. Users can still visit these museums and inspect the Nigersaurus’s teeth for themselves. Nigersaurus was a type of sauropod dinosaur. These dinosaurs had become extinct 115 to 105 million years ago. The time of extinction known as the Cretaceous Period.

Body Statistics of the dinosaur as it 500 teeth

Like the number of its teeth, the Nigersaurus had a good amount of height as well. It was measured to be around 30 feet. This herbivore was known to live in the region of the Sahara Desert. The Nigersaurus had a very complex and delicate skill. What Dinosaur has 500 teeth is mainly because of its wide mouth. The mouth of this dinosaur was lined up with 500 teeth. Nigersaurus teeth had a special purpose.

Dinosaur teeth’s purpose

What Dinosaur has 500 teeth. The main purpose was to browse plants that were close to the ground. A study reports that “The Nigersaurus lived in a lush environment with its neighboring predatory dinosaur suchomimus”. The reporter also reported that these plant-eater dinosaurs tyrannosaurus, lurdusaurus, and super croc lived together. Nigersaurus known to have a very long neck. The skulls of the Nigersaurus are one of the first skills which digitally reconstructed through CT Scans. This shows how complex its skull was.

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