Tech Piso Wifi Pause and its Factors and other possibilities

The Piso Wifi Pause is pretty easy to use for users who are not into technology. However, there is a certain procedure that the user should go through to get a good hold of this. The user will manage their internet access point by using portal

How does it work?

This portal can be easily accessed by typing in in their web browser’s address bar. The user can choose whether or not to allow internet connections by using Piso Wifi Pause. This can be easily done by determining which device it is by the IP. This can be easily done by inputting the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the device in an online IP scanner. The results will be displayed which contain the device name, etc. Hence, the administrator can then easily determine which user it is by looking at their device model and type.


The Piso Wifi Pause is available for unlimited use. The IP address of can be useful in many cases and situations. The Piso Wifi Pause platform is so vast that it has many functionalities. Users are provided with a rate management system. This means that Piso Wifi Pause is almost accessible from anywhere in the world. Users can manage their internet connection from anywhere around the globe. This means even if they are on a deserted island they can manage their home internet connections.

Factors and other possibilities

Many factors can be managed through this rate management system. These factors include bandwidth, users, and rate time. Through this, the administrator can keep track of their internet connection and bandwidth. The Piso Wifi Pause is very easy to use and access. This means that the users can easily make use of it without any lengthy procedures or steps to follow.

Is it free?

Yes, the Piso Wifi Pause is free of cost to use. This means that users can use Piso Wifi Pause for unlimited times. The users don’t need to buy any kind of internet packages from their local carriers. Hence, no internet package is required for any internet-related tasks. All features of Piso Wifi Pause are free to use like managing bandwidth, users, and even rate time. However, their portal does make use of Pop-up advertisements. This does worsen the user experience of the portal.

However, considering this is a free website, use of advertisements is kind of necessary. This is because the administrator team does need some revenue for maintaining they’re online presence. Also, this website receives new features and gets debugged every month. Hence, all of these tasks require revenue for hiring a skilled team.

How to block internet connections?

Users can then easily block internet connections by using Piso Wifi Pause. The user can either choose to allow or not allow internet connections. Piso Wifi Pause has various options to assign limited bandwidth to a user. This means that they can assign how much bandwidth a user can use within a limited time frame. After that time frame is completed it resets. The bandwidth limit also resets to the original set by the administrator. This shows how advanced Piso Wifi Pause is.

The administrator can also control how much money they want to invest. This means they can assign a specific bandwidth limit in terms of currency on Piso Wifi Pause. After this investment limit is exceeded, the user’s internet connection will automatically be blocked. It will remain blocked until the time frame gets completed. After the time frame gets completed the invested revenue resets and the time frame also resets.

Quick Options to avail

There are some quick shortcuts on Piso Wifi Pause which an administrator can avail. These options include such as pausing or resuming the internet connection of a certain website. The user can also pause the invested amount by just clicking a single button. The administrator also had the option to pause their Wifi Time.

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