Trinidad Valentine

Trinidad Valentin is a Filipina-Chinese model and actress who was born in 1976. She will turn 45 in 2024. She has six siblings and is the daughter of Willie Harper and his wife, Trinidad Valentin. Valentin gave birth to a son in 1993 named Saweetie. After a short period, she was nominated for an Academy Award. Trinidad Valentin is also the recipient of several other awards, including the ‘2024 Game Changer Award’, which she received from her mother.

Maya, Milan, and Sweetie

Trinidad Valentine is an American model. She was born in Trinidad, Louisiana, and married Johnny Harper in 2007. The couple has three children together, Saweetie, Milan, and Sweetie. Trinidad has also appeared in several tune motion pictures. Although she has not disclosed her net worth or exact income source, she has made waves in the world of entertainment. The mother of Sweetie is proud of the lifestyle she lives with her three children.

Born in the United States, Trinidad Valentin has six siblings including her twin sister, Saweetie. The oldest of them is now a teenager. Trinidad and Johnny Harper are Christian and share their problems and happiness. Their children were named after their parents and Trinidad, Milan, and Sweetie. Trinidad has a very busy schedule. She has three kids with her husband, so it is difficult to stay at home and focus on their studies.

Trinidad Valentin was a model when she was younger. She had fun with cameras and the video industry, and she posed for many popular singers including Nelly, T.I., Snoop Dogg, and Xzibit. Trinidad has appeared in several occasions, including Vogue and various events, and her daughter Sweetie is a rapper. The family has also published several books and albums.

Her father is Willie Harper

Trinidad Valentine is a famous actress, model, and rapper. Born in the Philippines, Trinidad is of Filipino and Chinese descent. She has been modeling since her high school years, and has participated in numerous prestigious modeling events. Her parents are both former NFL players – her father was a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. Trinidad was married to Johnny Harper, a former NFL player, in 1999. Their marriage did not last long, but they have three children together. Trinidad Valentine’s net worth is currently unknown.

Trinidad Valentin’s parents are former NFL players Willie Harper and Patricia Valentine. Trinidad has six brothers and two sisters. Her father is Willie Harper, a former linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. The couple is married and have three daughters together. Trinidad is an introvert and is rarely seen on interviews or social media platforms. Her main priority is her family. Her daughters are her world, and she does not like appearing in public.

Willie Harper was born on February 13, 1970 in Sacramento, California. His mother, Trinidad, was only a teenager at the time. Trinidad was a young girl at the time, and she lacked the maturity to raise a child on her own. Trinidad later went on to attend Monterey Trail High School in Tracy, California, and then San Diego State University, where she studied communications. Trinidad was a musician at an early age, and later graduated from San Diego State University.

Her mother presented her with the ‘2024 Game Changer Award’

Saweetie recently won the ‘2024 Game Changer Award,’ presented by Billboard’s women in music. The singer performed her newly released single ‘Closer,’ with H.E.R. before being awarded. Trinidad Valentin, the artist’s mother, introduced her and presented the award to her. Trinidad is no stranger to sex, and she was not left out.

The Billboard Women in Music event, which honors influential figures in the arts, was packed with touching moments. The award ceremony, which was held in New York City on May 19, gathered artists, arts professionals, collectors, and patrons from across the world to celebrate the artist’s accomplishments. Through this annual celebration, the Asia Society hopes to increase mutual understanding and strengthen ties between the United States and Asia.

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