Trinidad Valentin – A well-known Public Figure

Background on Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valentin mostly gathered her recognition through her daughter Saweetie. Saweetie is a famous American music personality. Saweetie has a huge fan following and her mother Trinidad holds her fame mostly due to her daughter. Trinidad also holds the title of Saweetie’s Mother. Saweetie is a music star. Trinidad gave birth to Sweeties when she was a teenager. Sweeties was born when Trinidad was only 17 years old.

Trinidad herself was born in 1996 in the United States of America. She belongs to the Central Valley in California. Currently, she is around 44 years old. Origin wise she known to belong to the Filipino-Chinese ethnicity. However, Trinidad seems to have that Asian touch. Trinidad had accepted Christianity at the time of her birth. Trinidad seems to be not so revealing about her personal life and family on social media.

Body Traits of Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valentin reported to have a height of 5 feet 7 inches. She attains a decent body weight which shows up on her body. Her body weight reported to be around 59 kilograms. Although Trinidad’s body type is slim, she still works out. The hard work on her body does mirror her body as well. Being 44 years of age she still looks as fresh and as alluring as a teenager.

Going Personal with Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valenti known to have zodiac sign cancer. She has dark brown eyes which prove to be very attractive. Trinidad also is a strong believer in Christianity like her family. She has only been in one affair since a young age. His partner’s name is Johnny Harper. She has Saweetie at the age of 17 with Johnny Harper. Later on, as the couple progressed in life, they have 2 more kids Maya and Milan. Trinidad herself has six siblings.

She was born in Central Valley, California, and brought up there only. Trinidad’s daughter Saweetie is well-known in the rapping industry. Saweetie’s grandma played a significant role in their upbringing of Saweetie. This is because Trinidad herself was very young at the time of Saweetie’s birth. Hence, Trinidad did not have much experience in the upbringing and development of a kid.

Trinidad Valentin’s Career

Trinidad Valentin was initially an American model. She even worked in music videos. She was first revealed in a YouTube Video. Her career struggle included working as a web model in her teens. She even starred in music videos like Nelly’s Ride Wit Me and DMX’s. However, other than her Trinidad mostly gains attention from being Saweetie’s mother. She shares much of her daughter’s facts. According to a report she states that she feels proud being addressed as Saweetie’s mother.

This shows that her daughter has won her mother’s heart. Trinidad’s official net worth and monthly income still hidden in the dark. However, according to her pictures and some reports she known to live a luxurious life. 

Trinidad and her husband hard work

Trinidad believes most of her earnings are shared from her daughter’s music profession. She also believes that she gains attention due to her husband Johnny Harper being a famous footballer. Her husband Johnny Harper is not only a famous footballer but has also become a media sensation.

This is due to his hard work in the field of football and the current skills and tricks he uses while playing football. Trinidad’s whole family is known to be working harder and hustling every day.

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