Flowerbomb perfume and the original perfume differences

The Flowerbomb Perfume proves to be a perfect alternative to Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb. Whether it be in terms of budget, ingredients, or scent, dossier’s perfume stands out in every possible factor.

Price Difference

The original Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb retails around $115. Whereas, the Flowerbomb perfume retails around $29 that too for a full bottle. This is a great price difference between the two bottles. Considering that both contain the same quantity the Flowerbomb perfume is a great bargain. The Flowerbomb perfume is designed for people who are on a tight pocket and have a small budget in mind. However, the user also wants to experience the original Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb. 

Hence they can easily buy the Gourmand White Flowers on Dossier’s website. This specific fragrance is much less expensive than other brands like Viktor Rolf, Gucci, Sephora, etc. These brands’ perfumes are costly mostly because of their brand value. This is because they have established such a good impression in the fashion industry.

Scent-wise difference

The Flowerbomb Perfume is almost a perfect replica of the original Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb. Like the original perfume, the Flowerbomb perfume is also integrated with notes of bergamot and tea. These notes are also present in the original Viktor Rolf’s Perfume. However, in the Flowerbomb perfume the scent is less intense. However, it proves to be perfect for users who need to use it during the day. 

Especially in winter as the cold adds a great effect to the scent of this perfume. The dossier is mainly focused on making natural and chemical-free perfumes. This is one of the sole reasons why their perfumes are less intense. Whereas, the original Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb is produced in such a way that it has a lot of alcohol concentration. Hence, this gives a major boost to the concentration of their fragrance and perfume.

Differences in Ingredients used

The Flowerbomb Perfume dossier. co is made with cruelty-free ingredients. This perfume is measured in France where policies related to animals and nature are very strict. Hence, the Flowerbomb perfume has not been tested on any kind of animal. Neither ingredient related to animals is used in this perfume. Even the extracts of Bergamot and Tea used are artificial to prevent natural loss. 

Hence, the Flowerbomb perfume is one of the best alternatives to expensive perfumes like Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb. This is because Viktor Rolf does not guarantee if any animal cruelty or harm to nature is included in their perfume. Viktor Rolf does not even guarantee which exact ingredients are used in their perfumes. This is not good for a human’s health. This is because several users have allergies to certain products.

Application difference

Some chemicals are prone to damage human skin. Some users by birth are allergic to certain chemicals like Phthalate. Hence these users should be made aware of the ingredients used in a perfume. Viktor Rolf’s Flowerbomb has no exact list of ingredients on their website. However, Flowerbomb Perfume guarantees that their perfume is colorant and UV Filter free. The Flowerbomb Perfume is known to be vegan and without any animal substance. 

This means that it’s a perfect fit for users who are vegan and do not prefer meat in any case. The Flowerbomb Perfume is known to have a concentration of only 15%. Although it might not be as long-lasting as the original product, they guarantee that it won’t cause any kind of harm to human skin.

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