Are Wax and Dab Pens Safe to Use?


Times, when marijuana and its derivatives were illegal, are long gone. We have finally experienced it being legal in close to twenty states of the USA. Many have seized the opportunity to start their businesses, and now we have so many different products one can consume marijuana with – from smoking on different devices, to eating gummy bears. One particular way of consumption – dabbing, has got many wondering how safe it is. After all, this is the first question that arises when a new product hits the market.

What is dabbing?


To be able to evaluate if it is safe or not, one has to be familiar with what is dabbing in the first place. The name of this consumption method was derived from the term “dab” which refers to a dose of cannabis. Not just any dose, but the one made by the extraction of THC from flowers using a solvent. The form in which it comes when extracted is wax, which is further heated and smoked. So, a dab is basically a wax you smoke using a device like a pipe, bong, or pen (which is lately quite popular). So, a modern way of getting high is by using dab pens.

Are they safe?

It is said that this way a consumer is far less exposed to cancer-causing compounds, than when smoking “the traditional way”. Plus, the effect is stronger, due to the fact that this way one is consuming a lot more THC than usual. A lot of you regular smokers reading this article are probably thinking you can handle such a large percentage, however, the experience of those who have already tried it says it’s way more than what they have expected. Most have even felt very uncomfortable, especially when dabbing after a couple of beers. Therefore, make sure you’re staying sober in terms of alcohol consumption when you want to try out dabbing.

It’s also essential to make sure you use quality stuff when you decide to consume it this way since not all goods available on the market are quality stuff. What we failed to mention in the second paragraph is that when the wax is being extracted, a lot of different chemicals one doesn’t want to fool around with are being used.


These are all safety issues one should be aware of when deciding to indulge in dabbing. However, with a quality supplier, and a proper pen for vaping, the risk will be down to a minimum.

Just like is the case with regular marijuana, this too can be addictive. In fact, the addiction factor is a bit higher due to the fact these come to a lot stronger.

Finally, if one decides to do this, vape pens are recommended, since their mechanism is a lot safer than other products out there. All you need to pay attention to is the brand you decide to use, because some are better than others, obviously. Get yourself a quality pen, and safety won’t be an issue anymore.