Top Reasons Why Your Video Is Buffering

You are about to find who the killer is, or maybe the hero is finally going to profess his undying love, and right then, the video quality drops, and the dreaded buffering symbol appears. It can be incredibly frustrating to have the video lag at a critical point in an engrossing movie.

Most of us wait for the weekend to catch up on our favorite shows and latest movies. If the video keeps lagging or buffering, it would ruin the entertainment experience.

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There can be many reasons why your video keeps lagging or buffering while you stream. Here are the few most common ones.

Your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection could be a reason behind your video buffering woes. If you are using Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet, you may experience lag on videos. Ethernet can provide internet speed up to 10 Gbps, whereas Wi-Fi speed is limited to 6-7 Gbps.

Internet service providers limit the bandwidth of heavy-duty internet users to ration the bandwidth across their entire network. If you frequently experience trouble with your internet connection, consider switching to a new ISP.

Dead Zones

There are areas in your house where the Wi-Fi signal is unable to reach. These are called dead zones. If you are trying to watch a video or perform any activity using the internet in a dead zone, you will be disappointed.

 You can eliminate dead zones by either changing the position of your router or investing in a Wi-Fi extender. As the name suggests, the latter will aid in providing uninterrupted coverage throughout your house.

Too Many Devices Are Connected to the Internet

If your video is buffering too much, there is a chance that many devices are connected to your internet. Try checking how many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi and disconnect those that are not performing any important activity. This will help save bandwidth so you can enjoy your video streaming in peace without any lags.

Wrong Internet Plan

Did you pay attention to the speeds your internet plan was offering? Many people opt for the cheapest plan they can find and do not compare the value offered or the plan specifications.

If you are streaming content live or being a part of a stream, that is an upload activity. Watching a video is a download activity. It is important to opt for an internet plan that supports the kind of streaming you do. If you stream live, opt for a plan with high upload speeds to enjoy buffer-free video whereas if you stream content opt for one with high download speed.

Your Browser Setting

Websites ask you to accept cookies to enhance your web experience. Over time, cookies, and cache build-up, and lead to slowed performance and poor video quality. Head to your browser settings to delete history, remove cookies, and clear any cache. This will help improve your video viewing experience and remove excess data. 

Old Broadband Technology

The problem could be with the broadband hardware, which includes your router. If you have not upgraded to a new router in a while, and you can notice physical damage on your current one, make the switch.

Physically damaged routers or cables can cause internet connection troubles leading to video buffering. However, they pose a more serious risk of cybersecurity attacks. Make sure all your routers are up to date with the latest security protocols to ensure protection against cybercrime.

The Video Resolution

If you are opting for the highest video resolution on an average internet speed, you will experience delays and lags in the viewing experience. Try switching to a slightly lower resolution to enjoy a seamless experience. The difference between 720p and 1080p is not easily decipherable if you have a small phone screen.

In Conclusion

We understand the frustration behind a laggy internet experience. Getting your quality entertainment time interrupted by a poor viewing experience is the worst. This post takes you through the top most common reasons why your video is buffering and how you can solve these problems. We hope it can help you troubleshoot your internet connection troubles.  

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