The White Ferrari Lyrics by Frank Ocean

In the song “White Ferrari,” Frank Ocean sings of his desire for something more. It is about a love affair between two people, but we can also understand it in a more universal sense. In this article, we’ll discuss the relationship between these two people, the song’s poetic syntax, and more. After you’ve read these lyrics, you should know more about Frank Ocean and his fascination with cars. Then, you’ll know whether you agree with them.

Frank Ocean’s fascination with cars

While the white Ferrari is certainly iconic, Ocean has a very unique way of describing it. In the song “Comme de Garcons”, Ocean describes the white car as “as if it were a boy,” a nod to the Japanese menswear brand. The white car evokes an image of speed and opulence and the song is aptly titled. However, the car wasn’t even owned by Frank, as the photo was taken by “Dicebrug,” a member of the bimmer forums. Despite being a fan, he has since sold the car.

Ocean’s white Ferrari isn’t the only car he drives. His collection of cars is remarkably large, with over $1 million in value. Many of his songs feature references to gas-guzzling vehicles. His car collection also includes a 1990 BMW E30 sleeper and a late-model blue M3.

Ocean’s relationship with his lover

“White Ferrari” is a song by Frank Ocean. It is a personal poem and song about the conflict between love and ambition. Ocean writes that he and his lover had “a really good time.” The song also makes reference to the car’s luxury. It’s rare and precious and represents an undying love. Ocean also references the car’s beauty and rarity, which makes it a romantic icon.

“Mind over matter” is an expression that emphasizes the importance of thoughts over material things. Even though Ocean is wealthy, he prioritizes his emotions over his love. It’s a lesson he’s learned throughout his life. He’s learned that relationships come and go quickly, and now feels ready to confess to his lover. However, as a romantic, Ocean is still trying to find the right moment to make amends. This is evident by the word “dimension.” This ambiguous term suggests that Ocean’s priorities are opposite to his lover’s.

Ocean’s poetic syntax

“White Ferrari” is a song by Frank Ocean from his album Blonde. This song tries out different genres and has a surprisingly strong metaphoric component. The car symbolizes the innocence of youth, since white is a color associated with purity, and the lyrics depict the car’s speed, which symbolizes the raging hormones and high passion that accompany adolescence. As the song progresses, the car becomes an allegory for young love.

While the song is a metaphor for love, it does show that Ocean has a deeper connection with his lover than simply loving him. The love that binds him to his lover is deeper than mere physical attraction, and he relates this to the relationship in “White Ferrari” and “My Car,” which are two different worlds. Ocean knows that the relationship is good, but he believes it can be better.

Ocean’s diction

In the introductory essay of Boys Don’t Cry, Frank Ocean talks about his love for cars and shows off a gold, souped-up BMW E30. This particular model is his favorite, appearing in the mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra. The white Ferrari is a symbol of success and wealth in Ocean’s life, and the poem is a perfect example of the man’s passion for cars.

In the lyrics of White Ferrari, Ocean compares a lover’s love to a white Ferrari. It is a metaphor for the differences in a relationship, and a white car symbolizes the purity of love. Both of these cars are beautiful and rare. As such, they represent a good time and are symbolic of the young love that a person can have. In addition, the song is a great example of the artist’s ability to explore different genres.

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