Is Book32 A Game Changer And Still Developing More?

What is Book32 about?

Books are money making websites. Users can easily play games on it. It stands out from other money-making websites by providing support on even handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Users can start playing by signing up on the website anytime and anywhere. The user won’t be required to fill in any special information like their National Identification number etc. The website only requires the user’s preferred username and password.  However, later on when the user would want to withdraw their money. They asked to fill in their bank details.

Facility of IBFTs (Inter-Bank Fund Transfers)

Alternatively, users can also avail the facility of IBFTs (Inter-Bank Fund Transfers). By Availing of IBFT, the user would be on the safer side as the transaction would take place between a merchant and a website. However, users will need a strong and reliable bandwidth connection. This is mainly to avoid interruptions between gaming like disconnects or packet loss etc. Book32 is widely available on any platform like PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, and even tablets.

Science and unknown reasons Behind Book32

It is a secure website as of now. Previously, the website shut down due to some unknown reasons. However, it rumored that the government had shut them down. It also became known that the website owners involved in money laundering which is how they used to pay their users. However, the owner of came out In public and proved that they had not done any kind of illegal activity.

Shut down of website due to DDOS attacks

He also said that they shut down their website due to DDOS attacks. However, as of now, Book32 is again live on is now safe to visit since no threats reported against it by the users. The website now makes use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL provides additional security by using 256-bit encryption. This leads to complete safety and no leakage of data. Users can also take note of SSL as they redirected to a secure website.

Start Playing Already on Book32

The website is free to use and play on. Users can easily sign on to the website by visiting and registering. The user won’t be required to fill in any private information. They would just need to fill in their username and password. However, an error may occur while registering or logging in. The user can easily encounter this by pinging the help center of it. Then the user may visit and start by logging in. There you go you’re already on the website and just start playing.

Process of earning money from Book32

The process of earning money from playing games is automatic. The user’s credit will automatically increase depending on their game points. There are many minigames available on the website to play. Hence, the user will never bored of the website. As the website still developing more and more games being included soon.

Prerequisites for playing on Book32

The user should mainly have a strong internet connection to play on this. Some Other conditions include having an android or apple device. The Device should support internet explorer. This is mainly because Internet Explorer is a very old browser that supports all types of plugins. Since is a gaming website it does require the user to install some plugins. This is mainly done to ensure a fluid experience while playing games and avoid any type of disruptions.

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