Eros fitness and how does this fitness program work?

The ideology behind Eros Fitness

Eros Fitness was first developed with the motive to encourage individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle. The ideology was to exploit the power of sensuality to promote fitness and health. The two famous doctors Tara Stiles and Christopher Kilham created this program. Their thinking was based on the human body. They believe that the human body purposely built for personal arousal. Humans can infuse that sensuality into physical exercises. This will eventually direct them toward a healthier and more fulfilling life. These doctors are still very well-known for their work and the programs they have developed.

How does this fitness program work?

At First, Eros Fitness opened a new gym in Taipei City. They are based in Taiwan. The gym is almost in the center of the city. This makes it easily accessible throughout the day and night. However, the fitness center is only open this 10 PM. It known to get busy around the late noon. This is because most people are returning from the bustling city life. Hence, they head to the fitness center to relieve their stress. To get relief, they head to this lavish gym which proves to be very appealing to exercise in. Eros offers classes for people who are based on different skill levels. From Novice to expert there are suitable programs available. Highly Experienced trainers are also offering classes for different activities. There are classes available for Pilates, Yoga, aerobics, and even boot camps.

Facilities available at Eros Fitness

There are several other facilities available like a saltwater pool, massages, hot tub, and even a showering area. All of these facilities equipped with warm water only. This done because the human body’s muscles tend to open up and relax in a warmer environment. This is because the body temperature and the room temperature matches. Whereas if a human takes a cold shower they might experience contractions and pains while doing the muscular activity. These facilities make Eros Fitness the go-to spot when searching for a fitness center.

The science behind the appealing nature of the fitness center

It built with the concept which encouraging self-love. This concept shows that the owners wish that their members feel relief. Their courses have a sole motive. It is to emphasize the significance of mind, body, and spirit. Their classes aim to help individuals feel the most significant physical and psychological relief. All of their gym types of equipment sanitized regularly. This done to provide an anti-bacterial environment. Eros Fitness eventually helps the individual to remain active throughout their workout session. All the equipment oiled daily to provide a smooth experience. Even most of the handles are rubber coated. This is to provide an appealing and anti-bacterial gym experience.

Home Fitness with Eros Fitness

Eros also offers their user to buy home fitness equipment. This is mainly for women who can’t travel daily to the gym due to house duties. The motive of Eros is that every individual should practice fitness and lead a healthy life. Hence, to promote this Eros sells various gym equipment online. Their exclusive dumbbell set is also available to order on Amazon. Their emphasis on fitness shows that their equipment is listed in Amazon’s essentials category. The dumbbell is a set of 6. They vary in their weights hence providing a pleasing and challenging experience.

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