7 Ways to Improve UX for Mobile Application

Imagine you are in a shopping mall with poor infrastructure that the building might collapse anytime. You would never visit those places even if they offer grand deals on your favourite products and services. So, you can guess that purchaser experience is the foremost factor in increasing footfall.

Similarly, experience is one of the primary concerns for any technology conglomerate. Their entire revenue depends on how much time users spend on their app.

  1. Focus on what users want

Whatever you are selling, first find out what your users want. Not focusing on what users want is one of the reasons why Netflix is losing its credibility. On the other hand, Amazon prime and other OTT platforms are earning more popular because they focus on user experience.

Firstly, conduct research on what users want from the type of application you are launching. Furthermore, study your completion thoroughly and discover how they increase footfall. It will help you to skim priorities.

  1. Features and speed are your saviours

Your application’s speed is your saviour. According to recent research, if your application takes more than 5 seconds to load, 90% of users will likely bounce back from the app. There are several ways to speed up your application. They are:

  • Optimising images
  • Reducing plugins
  • Using JavaScript to build an application

Furthermore, focus on your application’s features. Easy to use and attractive features are a few of the most important aspects to attract and keep users in your application.

  1. Onboarding is everything

While buying a house, your first aim is to buy it in a location you can locate effortlessly. If you have to keep searching for the address, you lose your interest and discard the idea of purchasing. Similarly, the experience users gain while taking the first steps in an app decides their journey with it.

Aim to deliver a compact onboarding experience to your user. For example, you can add social media registration procedure to reduce onboarding time for your users. Furthermore, add guidance features to help your users understand how to use the app to make their baby steps easier.

  1. Effortless user input

Helping users with their search is a great initiative to improve user experience. For example, Barcode and Keyword search help users find what they are looking for, making user input effortless. You can introduce these features in the application and guide to make the user journey compact and effortless.

Also, introducing prediction texts can help users to compact their journey. In short, there are several ways of making user input minimal. And, if you keep these options open for your users, they will lap up your application like a hot cake.

  1. A clean design is what you need

Imagine you are going outside, wearing expensive shoes and clothes that don’t complement each other. Your money and effort will go down the drain. Similarly, a clean design does the same thing to your app. There is no point in keeping the best of services unless users find your application designs attractive.

Create seamless visual flow throughout the application, and remember to be consistent with UI design. You can hire a good design corporation to design your application. Furthermore, remember to keep adding minimal features. Otherwise, users might get confused while using the features.

  1. Make users feel safe

Identity theft and stealing purchaser data are heinous crimes committed daily worldwide. So, the foremost thing you must do before launching your application is make it a safe space for your users. A renowned programmer, who also offers assignment writer to students, says that any online portal with a robust privacy regulation often goes a long way in the market.

However, remember not to overrun your users’ permission acceptance in your application. Complicated permission policies tend to annoy users.

  1. Answer consumer questions

When you support your users, they stay with you until the end. For example, customer support, FAQs and live chat support provide users with a smooth experience in the application. So, if you introduce these features in your application, it will help the users understand the usage of the application.

Provide relevant answers to all the frequently asked questions and let your users make the best use of their time. Nowadays, users like self-service, so place all the features in such a manner that they don’t have to contact support agents.

Additional Pro tip

The call to action (CTA) button helps users quickly see what you are selling and place their orders. Unfortunately, many a time, websites and applications don’t have a robust CTA button, which makes the order-placing procedure difficult for the users.

Hence, remember to create more prominent and more visible CTAs so that your users can make the fullest use of your services. For example, you can make your CTA button colourful and use interesting catchlines to draw consumer attention.

Parting thoughts

User experience or UX is the second most important task for businesses in today’s world, the first being the products and services. Ensure that you explain what you are selling to the users and create a community.

Famous brands like Zara and Versace are a part of a global community because of their UX features. And to be part of that community, you, too, must enhance your UX features. So read and utilise these and launch the best mobile application in town.

Author Bio: Stella Jones is a computer programmer and tech blogger. She is also associated with, where she offers assignment help to students. In addition, Stella likes to watch movies, and Akira Kurosawa is one of her favourite filmmakers.