6 Common Causes of Blocked Drains & How a Plumber Can Unblock Them

A blocked drain problem can be annoying and frustrating, and it is also one that you will have to address quickly to avoid an even worse situation. There are multiple DIY ways to unclog a drain; you can try them all, but if you don’t see any results, then you must consider calling the professionals.

In this blog, we will share the most common causes of blocked drains and how a professional Plumber in Seaford can unblock them.

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Drain Blockage: The Most Common Causes

Drain clogs are a result of a combination of factors:

  • Water flow restriction – The most common cause of clogged drains is the buildup of hair, soap scums and other debris in the pipe, which restrict the water flow through it.
  • Rust or corrosion – Corrosion can take place  at the bottom of a drainpipe if there’s not enough water entering it, which can cause it to rust and clog up over time. It is especially common in older pipes.
  • Pipes that are too small for their job –  Pipes that are too small for their job will often get clogged at some point during their lifetime due to the strain when larger items pass through them.
  • Oil and Grease – Other common causes include grease, oil and fat build-up from cooking food and other everyday activities that leave behind a build-up of residue.
  • High-Water Pressure – Heavy rains or flooding can cause excess pressure in your pipes and make them more prone to blockages.
  • Tree Roots –  Tree roots can cause many problems because they take up a lot of space in the sewer line, which will eventually clog up your whole sewage system if you don’t take care of it right away.

How a Professional Plumber Can Help You Unclog Blocked Drain

Blocked drains in Seaford can back up quickly and cause flooding, sewer backups, and other problems.

Sewer Line Camera

By using sewer line cameras, professionals can inspect your pipes before using their tools. These cameras show areas where sewer line leaks are occurring and where drains need attention, so they don’t back up again in the future. These devices are installed near each end of your sewer line with a camera mounted on them to see inside your pipes. By viewing these images from inside your pipes, plumber in Seaford can determine where exactly an obstruction is located so they can remove it without causing any damage or further problems with your drains.

Hydro-Jetting Machine

Hydro-jetting machines are a reliable method to remove large amounts of debris from blocked drains in Seaford quickly and efficiently. Plumbers can use it for both vertical and horizontal drains.  The hydro-jetting machine has an attached jet nozzle that shoots water at high pressure through the drain to dislodge any blockages in it. This method is great for unclogging larger diameter pipes with more stubborn blockages than other methods may be able to remove easily.


This method is effective when there are small clogs in the pipes. The plunger works by creating a suction that pulls the waste through the pipe until it is completely out of the drain. You can easily purchase a plunger from your local hardware store. They come in different sizes depending on how large an object you want to remove from your drain line. For example, if there’s only one large object blocking your drain line, use a 3-inch plunger instead of a 6-inch one because it will break up larger clogs faster than a larger one.


A plumber in Seaford will use a device called an auger or auger gun to clear the clog. This device consists of a long rod with sharp points at each end. The ends are inserted into the clog, which causes debris to break up, allowing water to flow easily again. The plumber will push down with enough force until all the debris has been removed from its path. They will repeat this process until all the blockages have been cleared. Using the Auger method will help you unblock your drainage in no time.

To Sum Up

This blog discussed the most common reasons for your blocked drains in Seaford and their solutions. By now, you know how important it is to have a reliable, trustworthy plumber in Seaford at your service. They know their field and understand how everything works. So clear your drain once and for all, and be free from the hassle of blocked drains!v