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Toyota of Olympia to Open New Location in Tumwater, Washington

Toyota of Olympia

After 69 years, Toyota of Olympia is still one of the best dealerships in the Seattle area. From the showroom to the Service department, they’ve done it all with customer feedback. Their lounge is an excellent place to wait while your car is being serviced. Their friendly staff, helpful and knowledgeable, makes the experience as pleasant as possible. And you’ll find a great team as well.

Tumwater’s gain

Next spring, the opening of a new Toyota dealership in Tumwater will add more than 160 jobs to the city and a boost to the local sales tax revenue. Toyota of Olympia has been in Olympia for 50 years. Until now, it operated on the Auto Mall site on the city’s west side. But the company has outgrown that site and will build a new dealership in Tumwater on 28 acres of land. Tyee Drive, which faces Interstate 5, will be the location. It will have 93,500 square feet and 160 employees.

The new dealership will be a major improvement to the city’s landscape and traffic flow. The project’s developers plan to add pocket parks, landscaped buffers, and a trail around the perimeter of the property. However, the expansion has generated controversy both locally and in Tumwater. The neighboring neighborhood, led by Marc Bowens, is not a fan of the plans. His concerns include the effectiveness of the proposed fence, and the intrusion of his privacy.

Toyota of Olympia will remain the same name. It has earned decades of local recognition. The move to a new facility will allow the dealership to have the entire operation in a single location, eliminating parking issues at the Olympia Auto Mall. The new dealership is expected to increase its Tumwater business by 30 percent. Toyota of Olympia is proud to expand its business in the area. Toyota of Olympia’s Tumwater location is located at 6969 Tyee Drive in Tumwater, Washington.

Toyota of Olympia is proud of its long-standing reputation for stellar customer service. Not only does this dealership offer excellent customer service, but its lounge area is a great place to wait. In addition, the team at Toyota of Olympia is excellent. Customers will enjoy the extra service and convenience that Toyota of Olympia brings to Tumwater. If you’re looking for a new Toyota in Tumwater, this dealership is a great choice.

Olympia’s loss

The Toyota of Olympia will close its doors next spring but will reopen as the largest sales-tax contributor to Tumwater, Washington. The dealership has been in Olympia for 50 years, but had outgrown its existing location at the Auto Mall on the city’s west side. The new location will be on 28 acres in Tumwater on Tyee Drive, facing Interstate 5. The property is near Trosper Road and Israel Road. Toyota of Olympia plans to add 160 jobs to the Tumwater area.

Although Toyota of Olympia is now headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the dealership has been a fixture in the community for over 50 years. Founded in 1961, the dealership contributes an estimated $1.5 million to the city each year. While it contributed a combined six to eight percent of the city’s sales tax, Toyota is responsible for up to 30 percent of the entire sales tax collected from motor vehicles. This relocation has left customers angry.

Toyota of Olympia’s growth

Since its founding 38 years ago, Toyota of Olympia has been a staple in the Auto Mall. The third-generation family-owned dealership is undergoing a major expansion that will allow for more room. Its new building at the entrance to the Auto Mall will not only sell new cars but will also provide service and maintenance for existing Toyota vehicles. The company also expects its Tumwater location to experience a 30 percent increase in business.

The new Toyota dealership is expected to create at least one hundred jobs in Tumwater, which is near Interstate 5. It is expected to bring a $30 million sales tax influx, as well as an additional $1.3 to $1.95 million in sales tax revenue. The growth of the Toyota dealership could also contribute to the city’s budget, which estimates $4.36 million in sales tax revenue in 2016.

Customer feedback drives dealership’s growth

The customer feedback that drives Toyota of Olympia’s growth is truly remarkable. In the past three decades, Sam has been working for the dealership, and he still owns his parents’ home. His knowledge of Toyota products and customers is unmatched. During his high school years, Sam began working at the dealership, where he remembers driving the brand new vehicles that required gas and washing. The Toyota of Olympia team aims to deliver the same great customer service to everyone that drives into its dealership.

The company has been in Olympia for 50 years, but is now outgrowing its current site. Toyota of Olympia is moving to a larger location in Tumwater, bringing 160 jobs to the city. The Toyota dealership is the largest sales-tax contributor in the city. It will include 93,500 square feet of space, and employs more than 140 people. The new location will be on Tyee Drive, a major thoroughfare between Interstate 5 and Trosper Road.

The original location of Toyota of Olympia was 2225 Carriage Drive SW, but it was not large enough to accommodate the growing business. To expand the business, Toyota of Olympia relocated to 6969 Tyee Drive in Tumwater. The new facility is more than nine-thousand square feet and sits on 22 acres of land. Driving up to the Tumwater location of Toyota of Olympia is like a trip to Disneyland.

Dealership’s philosophy

The philosophy at Toyota of Olympia is based on customer satisfaction. The owner, Jim McLaughlin, has 35 years in the automotive business. He wanted to change people’s car-buying habits. To do this, he looked for signs of satisfaction on the faces of new car buyers and salespeople. By making customers happy, Toyota of Olympia has grown into the sixth largest dealership in a five-state region. To understand how Toyota of Olympia achieved this success, read the following article.

One customer had a problem with their car’s transmission, and Toyota of Olympia agreed to replace the transmission free of charge. The customer returned two weeks later and the dealership replaced the transmission without any extra charge. After that, she was thrilled. Toyota of Olympia’s philosophy is one that works well for everyone. It reflects the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and their commitment to their customers. Customers can expect their car buying experience to be smooth and stress-free with this dealership.

Toyota of Olympia’s team is dedicated to meeting customers’ needs and providing exceptional customer service. Customers are valued and treated as individuals at the dealership, and staff members work together to create a positive car-buying experience for every customer. Toyota of Olympia’s philosophy is based on this philosophy and is shared by the entire staff. Toyota of Olympia’s philosophy is consistent throughout all aspects of business, from the vehicles and services to the philosophy of employees.

For younger drivers, quality used cars can be a smart choice. A Toyota Sienna for example, can save drivers money on maintenance, tires, and insurance. With Toyota of Olympia’s philosophy in mind, customers can feel confident that their car will last a long time. Even if they’re not able to afford a new Toyota, they can still choose a used Toyota that meets their budget. It’s a win-win situation.

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