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Terry Flenory And The Story Behind Its Family

Terry Flenory

Background of Terry Flenory

He was born on the 10th of January in 1972. His current age known to be around 49 years. He a very known drug dealer around the globe. Terry gained respect in the market mainly due to his younger brother Demetrius Flenory. Demetrius is also Big Meech. Terry mostly known for drug trafficking in various countries.

Big Meech stands for the Black Mafia Family which was a money laundering and drug trafficking organization. The Black Mafia mostly worked in the United States. However, currently, The Black Mafia Family no longer remains.

Terry Flenory also known to be the co-founder of The Black Mafia Family. He and his brother were active in many illegal activities from 1990-2005. Terry was born into a Christian family and belongs to mixed ethnicity of the African desert

Family Background of Terry Flenory

Terry and his brother were very close in terms of relations. In September 2008 Terry and his brother arrested and put behind the bars. From some sources, it is known that Terry and his brother completed their studies at the same school.

Soon after they done with school, they started illegal businesses of drug trafficking. They generated a wholesome amount of revenue through money laundering. From some sources, it known that Terry Flenory released from prison in May 2020. It known that his brother Demetrius remains behind the bars.

Current Life of Terry Flenory

According to his Instagram profile, he seems to be a married person. His wife’s name known to be Tonesa Welch. Tonesha is a brand influencer as well as an Executive Producer at NotoriousQueens. Relative to Terry’s Instagram stories he appears to be fond of kids. Terry has now got rid of his illegal businesses.

He now runs his brand titled “Southwest Black Magic”. Terry and his brother now separated due to some quarrel that occurred in 2001. He known to have many 6-7 figures homes in the United States. He currently stands at a net worth of $40-50 Million.

Terry mostly known as Southwest T among his fans. Terry has also collaborated with well-known rappers and singers. Terry’s motive in life is to walk by faith, not by sight. Terry is fond of smoking cigars and has even launched various brands of his own.

Story Behind Terry Flenory’s Black Mafia Family

Terry Flenory and his brother Demetrius had established a cocaine supply network in the United States. This cocaine distribution mostly supported by a Los Angeles-based supplier. Under the control of Demetrius, this supply network soon ventured into The Black Mafia Family. Afterward, this channel also used to launder money from the cocaine business.

This made it look pretty legal hence the authority of the state took a long time to arrest Demetrius and Terry. After 2001, a quarrel broke out between Terry and his younger brother. Due to this Terry relocated to Los Angeles and started his own business. Soon After their Quarrel DEA (Drug Enforcement Authority) tapped into Terry’s call. Terry recorded discussing how he wasn’t happy with how his brother did things. Soon afterward, in 2005 the DEA arrested both the brother.

They then put behind the bars and sentenced to 30 years. Many of their associates were also arrested. Most of Terry’s and his associated possessions like houses,  vehicles, and capital were confiscated by the DEA. Although Terry was sentenced to 30 years He was out by 2024 due to the outspread of Corona Virus.

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