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Antmovies Is A Free Online Movies Platform and Its Working


Why Prefer Antmovies?

Antmovies is a free online movies platform that gives access to a wide range of movies and Television shows. Users won’t require those old CDs OR DVDs to watch their favorite movies nor they would have to wait for the whole movie to buffer as Antmovies has a large variety of servers available to watch movies on. This is a new website hence it currently has no In-App Purchases. This website does not have any hidden charges or subscription fees.

The website does not even ask to create a User account nor does it require any login elements. Antmovies has a very fluid and easy-to-navigate User Interface. Users can just locate the movie they want to watch and they can watch it for free. It has all types of movies and shows whether it be old, new, or even shows that are exclusive to Netflix’s website or Amazon Prime’s Website.

Working Of Antmovies

This Website has been neatly organized and optimized. Antmovies also have an SSL Certificate hence there is no leakage of personal data. Antmovies has a categories tab through which users can easily find their preferred movies or shows. It has various content available on the website which are organized in different genres. The website itself has a black and red theme which proves to be very attractive and decent.

However, the website is full of pop-up ads and advertising banners which are important as this website is not charging any subscription fee hence advertisements are their only source to earn and maintain their website. It doesn’t upload content to its website as it is prohibited under copyright law however it makes use of servers that allows it to present content to its users in a beautiful way.

Content On Antmovies

There are around 22 Genres available on the website to browse through. Users can easily choose their favorite genre and scroll through the latest movies and shows. The website also shows IMDB ratings for each show and movie hence you can easily choose the most rated or most preferred movie or TV show. Genres like Romance, Sport, Talk-Show, Western, etc. are also available. 22 Genres are usually a lot for an online movie website and this shows the attention to detail on this website. Usually, Movie Websites don’t have genres like Talk-Shows, etc. however this platform offers you every type of content possible.

General Information on Antmovies

The website offers to download content so that a user can watch it later while being offline. There is content available from almost every possible country around the globe like Brazil, Finland, Cuba, Italy, Jamaica, Germany, Russia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), etc. The website may not be available for access in some countries due to government restrictions and policies hence there are some alternate websites that are available to access such as,, and, etc. Even when accessing these websites you may not have full access to content hence to gain full access Users must use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy to change their virtual countries.

Procedure to Download Content from Antmovies

1.      Launch a web browser you’re comfortable with.

2.      Type in in the address bar of your web browser.

3.        Search for your desired movie or browse your preferred genre and select a movie.

4.       After selecting your desired movie you should be redirected. There may be an advertisement redirect or advertisement pop-up which you may close.

5.      After you have been redirected to the movie page, underneath the movie’s frame you will see a download and stream option but don’t click on any of these options since these are just fake options and will redirect you to an advertisement or bogus website.

6.      Navigate further down on the movie page and you will see free download links. The reason for several download links is so that you can download from different servers as some servers may be busy or slow for some users.

7.      Click on any of the download links and the movie will start downloading in your web browser’s download bar.


Q1: What should I do if this website is banned in my country?

Ans1: Please make use of a VPN or Proxy.

Q2: Will the redirects inject a virus onto my computer?

Ans2: No, the redirects won’t cause any type of harm to your device.

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