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Afilmywap the new future of entertainment platforms


Afilmywap is in direct competition with other websites. These other websites mostly include,, etc. However, the platform is most popular among Indians and Tamil people. This is because there is content available in Telegu and Hindi both. A lot of content in other languages is also available.

These languages include English, Chinese, French, etc. This is a free website which makes it very competitive among others. There are no hidden charges upon using the website. Neither there are any in-website charges like another website. Other websites usually charge for exclusive content. However, afilmywap is costly.

Where does the content come from?

Afilmywap has mostly torrents available to download. Users can then seed these torrents and download their respective movies or other data. These torrent torrents contain pirated content. Using pirated content in many countries is a legal offense and may have punishable acts. This is because pirated content is strictly banned under copyright laws. However, as the website Indian-based law and order are not strict like other countries.

Hence, users can easily watch and stream pirated content in countries like Pakistan and India. Their content is available in mostly all types of resolutions. Whether it be low resolutions or highly defined resolutions like 2K and 4K, they have it available to stream.

How does the website make revenue?

filmywap is mostly funded by the owner of the website. Since nothing is free around the globe they need to buy the torrents at bulk rates. This means that the torrents have random content in them. However, these packs of torrents are categorized into content types such as Movies, Television shows, etc. After they were bought they were thoroughly checked by the administration team and then labeled respectively.

70% of the cost is funded by the owner of the website. However, their platform does make use of advertisements to generate revenue. The rest 30% of the cost is covered by the Adsense revenue. Adsense an online platform created by Google. Websites can use this platform to generate revenue by promoting brand advertisements on their platform.

Content Filtration on the website

The content afilmywap website is thoroughly filtered for child use as well. There are restrictions set on 18+ content. The users are required to provide their respective identity cards to access any kind of 18+ content. This is done so the content filtering remains constant. Most of the content is also categorized into genres. Content is separated by categories like Genres, Country, Movie Speed, etc.

Users can easily download their favorite movies from the website. There is a separate section for Bollywood movies since their platform is based in India. The website also has a separate page for top-rated films. These top-rated films are according to Indian reviews. This is because most of the content is Indian. Hence, the natives can judge their content the best.

Features and Advantages of the website

Users have the option to download content from afilmywap. This is easily possible through a simple procedure. The user should open the movie page. The user should navigate down the page. They will find several links for downloading the torrent. These are different servers from which the torrent file can download. However, users can also use the magnet link option through which their torrent is automatically uploaded. The torrent is automatically uploaded to the respective torrenting software.

The users can then select their storage location and start downloading their files. Some torrenting software also has the option to stream the content live. Users can easily stream their content to their favorite media player. Some other features include redirection on the website. This is very important to prevent the website from shutting down.

ConclusionSince this is a pirated website it needs to have redirection to stay out of the government’s spotlight. Overall, afilmywap has proven to be the entertainment platform until now. This is mainly because of its free subscriptions and no charges.

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