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144hz Laptop and its advantages and disadvantages

144hz Laptop

Pros of having a laptop with a 144Hz Display

Having a 144hz Laptop proves to be very fruitful especially while gaming. This is because most games are capable of running up to 240fps. However, having a 60Hz screen does not fulfill the purpose. There are mostly 3 types of displays. Displays are produced in 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz. This makes the 144hz Laptop a mid-tier laptop. With a 144Hz display users can get the experience of high frame rates.

Users can experience frame rates up to 240fps. Users can play games with extremely smooth performance. The delay is very minimal. Some users have also overclocked their displays and experienced a 0ms delay. This means that the user can have quick reflexes and fast response to situations. Some side-effects like blurring when turning on motion blur are eliminated. Blurry effects are mostly experienced by users who use a 60Hz display.

Major cons of having 144Hz Display

144hz Laptop are very costly when compared to a normal laptop. Common laptops normally equipped with a 60Hz Display. However, laptops with a 144Hz come in a mid-tier budget. Some manufacturers also produce 144hz Laptop which equipped with lower quality displays. However, these displays are still 144Hz but made of low-quality materials. These kinds of displays have a lower color representation which means users won’t be able to experience the exact colors. Colors on these kinds of displays are usually very pale and faded. These displays most commonly known as TN Panels.

They have very poor viewing angles when compared to IPS Displays or any other screens. If the user has a 144Hz display they should also have a capable GPU. The Graphic Card should be able to produce at least 144fps in order to make the display worth it. Users would also have to turn down the color quality to get a stable frame rate of 144fps. They could turn off features like Vsync. This is because Vsync causes stuttering in many displays and causes sudden frame drops.

Get a laptop which is sufficient for gaming

If a user is willing to get a laptop for gaming. They should prefer getting a 144hz Laptop due to better response times. These 144Hz Laptops prove to be worth it for competitive games like Fortnite and PUBG (Player Unknown BattleGrounds). However, their chosen laptop should also equipped with a good GPU. Considering competitive gaming a good GPU is necessary for fast response times. Some displays also create a ghosting effect which more commonly known as “glitching”.

This is like a dead kill for competitive gamers. The game basically tends to pause for around a second or two. This mostly happens due to insufficient displays or an incapable GPU. Sometimes games also glitch due to bottlenecks. This occurs when the Display is of very high performance and the CPU is very insufficient. Bottlenecks are one of the things which are like a nightmare for gamers.

Can CPUs bottleneck due to your display some rare cases, displays can also cause bottlenecks. This happens when the GPU is capable of displaying high-quality images but the display can’t support it. This can happen in a case where a 144hz Laptop has a 6 Gigabyte Graphic card. However, the display can only display low-quality images but the display is capable of much more. Then the graphic card bottlenecks and lowers its performance output automatically.

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